Interesting links

Bayesian networks & Causality

  pyAgrum is a Python wrapper for the aGrUM library (a C++ library for graphical models designed for easily building applications using graphical models)

  Bayesian Network Repository

  Discovery Systems Laboratory, a library of causal discovery algorithms.

  Probayes, a software editor specialized in Bayesian modelling.

  MxM PGM, The Mens X Machina Probabilistic Graphical Model Toolbox.

  BNT, the Bayes Net Toolbox for Matlab.

  BNT SLP, An extension to the BNT for bayesian network structure learning.

  PGM, Free online courses on Probabilistic Graphical Models.

  Kaggle: Platform for data prediction competitions.

Interesting papers & colleagues

  Judea Pearl Home Page

  José Peña Home Page

  Alexandru Niculescu-Mizil Home Page

  Bianca Zadrozny Home Page

  Grigorios Tsoumakas Home Page

  Ioannis Tsamardinos Home Page

Data sets

  UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository Data sets

  Feature selection data sets Data sets

  Random data generator Data sets

  Platform for data prediction competitions Data sets

  Bayesian network benchmarks and data sets Data sets

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