HP Color LaserJet 1600 on Linux (clj1600)

I have this printer since october 2006, and I am a totaly beginner with color management. Correct me if I have made mistakes. I am currently far from satisfied of the color rendering, I need to find a good ICM file.


This printer requires to use the ZjStream protocol. Install the "foo2zjs" package from sources.

You run getweb 1600 to get the ICM files (color correction) and put them in /usr/share/foo2hp/icm

Check that the gs version is 8.54 (mine is 8.53 and my problems may be come from here).

In the magicfilter file, if you use it, in place of gs I personnaly use : /usr/bin/foo2hp2600-wrapper -c -r600x600 -p A4 -u 128x124 -l 128x124

If on some files you have the 'page too complex' printer error, you may try to change the clipping values given by -u and -l.

What's the result?

The text quality is very nice. The ghostscript dithering is visible on pictures, I will make a Floyd-Sternberg filter to correct this drawback. But it will certainly break the color profile (ICM).

There is certainly a problem with my ghostscript installation because the resulting colors are not nice.
ICM profileResult
hpclj2600n-1.icm This is the default profile.
  • The pure cyan color is green on paper...
  • The gamma must be corrected with something like {0.333 exp} {0.333 exp} {0.333 exp} {0.333 exp} setcolortransfer as in /usr/share/foo2zjs/gamma.ps file. I add this gamma correction in /usr/bin/foo2hp2600-wrapper but a better way must exists.
Some peoples say that colors are perfect with this profile, it is not the case for my system (GS version?).
hpclj2600n-0.icm The result tint is fine but the color luminance is not good. It's the profile that give the "best" result on my printer.
km2430_2.icm This profile is clearly not for this printer.
none Without ICM correction, the black is brown and there is artefacts in the picture.


The HP page on CLJ1600.

Some useful information are given by the linux printing project: hp clj 2600n.

Some information for Evaluating color in printers and ICC profiles

An interesting mail: review: HP 1600

Some links on calibration softwares; These softwares use a calibration target, these targets (IT8.7/2, ...) costs between $40 and some hundreds.

Little cms is an open software library and utilities to work with ICM files. There is some free scanner profiles on this site.

If you are interested by the calibration process, you can take a look to:

How I am going to calibrate my printer

I will add informations here as my experiments will progress.

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